If you are a distributor or wholesaler and are looking for a new or alternate source for Koi , Coldwater or Tropical fish , Water Lilies and Lotus or Aquatic Plants , you have come to the right place! Hazorea Aquatics will provide you with the products you need to put you in a league above your competition. Click on the links to learn about Hazorea Aquatics' unique products, and how they can help you.

We at Hazorea are willing to do more to earn and keep your business. We believe in supplying a quality product at competitive prices, with a solid back-up guarantee. We also believe in adapting ourselves to your specific needs. We will try harder to please you! Our experience with hundreds of fish facilities and plant nurseries around the world is at your disposal, as well as our knowledge of countless ways of presentation, sales and marketing. At Hazorea you receive not only a hands-on 24/7 service, but also our commitment to the improvement of your sales and bottom line.

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