Hazorea Aquatics Tropical Fish

Hazorea Aquatics co-operates with Sundag, the largest tropical fish exporter in Israel to bring you a huge range of tropical fish and crustaceans, bred and grown by specialized farms in Israel. The close relationship between the two companies allows you to source Sundag tropical fish through us at the same prices and conditions as though you were buying them directly from Sundag, or vice versa.

Your advantage:

Smile A comprehensive range of varieties of coldwater and tropical fish, each produced and shipped directly from a specialist farm.

Smile On line support from each breeder.

Smile Only one supplier, one invoice and one trip to the airport. For you this means less paperwork, less time wasted, lower labor, handling and transport costs, and better volume discounts.

Sundag breeders are renowned for their high standards of quality and their beautiful fish, some of which have won prizes in International competitions.
Click here for the Sundag Website

guy kaplan won prize
Guy Kaplan from the BEAUTY FISH Guppy farm with first prize at Aquarama 2005
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