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Hazorea Water Lilies – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Hazorea Water Lilies different from those produced elsewhere?
A: Firstly, Hazorea lilies are completely removed from the soil every year and the eyes re-planted for the following season. This means you receive a “new” healthy plant and you minimize your risk of contracting crown rot or other infectious diseases.
Secondly, the rhizomes you receive are growing plants, never from cold storage or from pre-harvested stock, so you will never have losses from fungus or decay.

Q: Why do Hazorea Lily rhizomes usually grow and adapt better than others?
A: Lilies you receive from Hazorea grow in custom-built mud ponds situated in original swampland. The ponds are fed by naturally enriched water from Hazorea’s fishponds, and climatic conditions are ideal for a long growth period and a short dormancy period. Your Hazorea lily rhizomes are usually bigger, and will grow faster and adapt better than most others.

Q: Is it true that Israeli lilies are slow to adapt to North European or North American winters?
A: Hazorea lilies are successfully distributed in Scandinavia, England, Poland and Quebec. Your Hazorea lilies can freeze over in winter without any adverse effect and are guaranteed to do well the following spring.

Q: Which fertilizers or sprays does Hazorea use on its lily farm?
A: Hazorea does not use any fertilizers, chemicals or sprays at all on the water lily farm!

Q: Is it complicated to import lilies from Hazorea?
A: No! We provide you with all the info and you get a price that includes everything. So getting Hazorea lilies is as easy as getting your lilies from a local supplier. (Sometimes easier!)

Q: How can I be sure Hazorea Lilies are true to type?
A: Hazorea’s production methods of harvesting the entire plant every year leave almost no opportunity for the development of seedlings. We grow only named, true-to-type lilies and the original stock for all our lilies comes from the hybridizers themselves. Hazorea Aquatics is a certifying member of the "Truly Named" program of Water Gardeners International.

Q: Can Hazorea supply labels, photographs or descriptions of its lilies?
A: You can source photographs and descriptions for all varieties sold from Hazorea. Since our customers’ needs for labels differ greatly in terms of size, format etc. we do not supply labels. Descriptions and high-resolution photographs can be sent to you on CD for your use.

Q: What kind of service do I get from Hazorea Aquatics?
A: Hazorea Aquatics personnel visit customers all around the world, and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the back-up, information, and advice you need in all areas of production, growth, pest control, marketing and sales.

Please call, e-mail or fax us for further information or for a free sample pack.
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