Customer Testimonials
“Hazorea Aquatics has always been the most courteous, fair and attentive supplier of tremendous quality water lilies. The water lilies are always first-rate and usually have many eyes that give a jump-start to future production. The Koi and goldfish we buy from Hazorea Aquatics are the most extraordinary, robust and radiant fish that are currently available. Hazorea Aquatics has always taken care of any problems we have had in a very prompt manner.”

Bob Larson – LilyBLOOMS – North Canton, OH.

Water's Edge

"As always, when I order larger fish from you, I am amazed at the quality. You sent two boxes of 8-10 inch Standard Koi that I would say are 75% Select grade Koi. We were just talking the other night about possibly adding a line of Japanese Koi (at elevated prices). After seeing this shipment, I don't think I need to do that. We are already offering the same quality that is available from Japan. I am selling top grade Koi at reasonable prices and knocking the socks off of my competition."

Chris Weaver – The Water's Edge – Ontario.

“Hazorea Aquatics supply much more than a quality product, a good back-up and a 24/7 service. Their marketing and operational personnel take an active interest in our business, visit our customers and us regularly, and are always keen to help us improve our service to our own customers. Our ongoing, successful campaign with “Enclo Koi” in the UK is based not only on the unique Koi production at Hazorea, but is also a direct result of the close co-operation between Hazorea and our company.”

Norman Agass – Prestopets Ltd. Essex.

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